Clarifying Nature’s Most Precious Resource

Our Made in the USA PONDGEL is the result of rigorous scientific testing and successful real-world applications. PondGels are derived from Clearflow Group Gel Flocculant line, which has been used for close to two decades in highly regulated industrial applications. Using drinking water-safe chemistry, our patented technology creates a better-reacting, better-for-fish water treatment process.

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Made for nature, nurtured by science.

Ensuring aquatic safety is the core responsibility of our business and the cornerstone of our reputation. The Gel technology virtually eliminates the risk of overdose compared to liquid chemicals, making the application of PONDGEL simple, effective, and safe. Cleaning water has never been this easy.

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    Increased filter efficiency and control of phosphorus and suspended solids.


    Makes green, dirty, or cloudy water more clear and aesthetically pleasing.


    Protects aquatic environments.


    Easy to use. No measuring is required. Simply place PondGel in flowing water.

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Humans rely on water to sustain us. In fact, it is the cradle of life. Large portions of Earth's biodiversity call water home, and a glass of water left in sunlight will grow algae. However, out-of-control algae makes ponds unsightly and odorous. With PONDGEL, we can restore natural clarity and balance without complicated and potentially harmful chemical treatments.

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For over 15 years and hundreds of field applications, Clearflow Gel Flocculant technology has helped the industry maintain water quality compliance in highly sensitive fish-bearing watersheds. With the introduction of PONDGEL for residential and commercial customers, you too can utilize this proven, environmentally safe treatment.

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In our 5th pond year, we usually battle green water in summer. Our usual methods (tint, barley, and UV light) helped until this year. Nothing worked, and I almost gave up, but a friend recommended Clearflow PondGel. I tried it in my trickle filter, and in just days, the water cleared up, even during hot, sunny weather.

David F